Loveawake Formula One (One Night Stands) by Sam Fox

If you haven’t figured it out already, when it comes to the science of one night stands, I am probably one of the best, if not THE best at breaking them down into something that is very understandable and easy to execute. Last night and today, while considering doing Simplicity 3.0, I’ve been giving a lot of thought about how can a guy know whether or not a one night stand is going to occur?





That is when I came up with my Formula One. This is a formula for figuring out whether or not you are going to get laid that night. Looking back at my lays, this is VERY accurate. I call it Formula One because Formula One Racing is known for it’s speed and racing to the finish line. Lays can be broken down into three levels. Recognizing what level you’re on with the woman in question will let you know what the chances of you getting laid are and give you a rough idea of how to go about it. Here are the three levels:

Level One Lay

This is your typical lay. The girl isn’t necessarily crazy over you, but she is attracted to you. You’re running your game, and it isn’t all that spectacular, but it isn’t bad either. It’s just enough to get a woman attracted to you, and probably will get you a phone number and date. A level one lay is based off of Mystery’s formula of it taking anywhere from four to seven hours before a woman will feel comfortable enough to have sex with you.

What this means is that your lay is going to occur for one of three reasons. Reason number one is going to be that you met a girl early in the night and you’ve basically been hanging out all night. You’re probably going to meet at a bar, then go to a late night after hours spot, and then your house. For example, you might meet her around midnight, move to a late night hookah bar or food spot at 2:30AM, and then end up at your place around 4AM. Generally speaking, when you go out, you’re going to be with a girl anywhere from 4-6 hours (10PM or 12AM to possibly 2AM or 4AM).

Reason number two is going to be because of a day 2 date(self explanatory). And reason number three is going to be because of your social circle and already being familiar with each other. You’re already comfortable with each other, so when the chance for the two of you to have sex occurs, it’s just going to happen. All of this is based on the girl being somewhat attracted to you in the first place.

Examples of this type of lay from my blog are my lays from Flojo, Blue Eyes, and when I brought Cheeseman home.

Level Two Lay

A level two lay is a lay where the girl probably is not out to have a one night stand, but this just happens to be one of the nights where your game is on fucking point, you are at the top of it, and you go out and fucking destroy it. You are bringing a MASSIVE amount of value, non-stop, all night long. The girl in question is just having the time of her life with you. She’s not the type of girl to have a one night stand, but you bring so much value to the table that she would let it happen if you were smooth about it (i.e. not make is seem preconceived and direct).

This is not the same as just going out and gaming good. This is a lay that you get because you are just above and beyond all of her expectations and blow away any guy that she’s ever met before. This is where the majority of my lays occur. The way to go about this lay, is to not be so direct about it, but proceed forward as if it is already decided that the two of you are going to sleep together. In other words, bring her home alone for some novel reason (to see your dog, artwork, smoke, etc,). This is going to be one of those “It just happened” scenarios.

Examples of this type of lay from my blog are the girl from Rated R Again, Flipper, and when I brought Pierce home.

Level Three Lay

A level three lay is when a girl decides that she is going to sleep with you right away, and all you have to do is make it happen. She really doesn’t care how you go about it, and she doesn‘t really care how soon you go about it either. This is perfect for those Mode One types of approaches where you quickly let a woman know that you want to have sex with her or that you plan on taking her home. It takes an experienced player to realize when a girl is that into him.

The types of women that are going to give you a level three lay are women that are instantly below you in value by a significant margin, women that see you as their picture perfect guy, women that are absolutely determined to get laid that night, and women that are just very promiscuous. These women usually let you know right away that they want you to sleep with them by very heavily flirting with you from the time they meet you.

Examples of level three lays from my blog are Vegas, Jade, and when I went home with Mahal.

My Formula One lets you easily and quickly categorize and determine whether or not a one night stand is going to occur and how to generally go about it. If you’re just doing pretty good game, you’re obviously going to go for a level one lay; if you’re just out there tearing it up and the girl is absolutely swept away, you’re going to do a level two style lay, and if you are getting very heavy indicators of interest from the start, then know that you can execute a level three style lay.

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