Straight Talk on the Rooftop Sex Controversy by Sam Fox

For those who may have missed it, the fine, young gentlemen of Kappa Sigma of USC are in the news again. This time, a member got busted for rooftop sex:

It turns out this was happening during a philanthropy event in the quad below, and hundreds witnessed it. Of course, that was undoubtedly planned – the two wouldn’t have been right at the edge if they weren’t getting off on the exhibitionism. The photos were taken by a kid in the dorm across the quad, and it was the fear for the couple’s safety as they approached the edge of the roof that reportedly inspired another kid to call 911.

As far as I’m concerned, this is two consenting adults acting like idiots, but Kappa Sig threw the kid under the bus, obviously fearful that they’re going to be kicked off campus and lose their charter for making national news twice in a month. Most of the commentary on this event has been predictable and boring, but last night Tucker Max went on the Joy Behar show and weighed in.  

Let’s break it down.

1. Tucker Max is one rude dude. I didn’t realize his asshole persona extended to public commentary, but he behaved here like a spoiled brat, which of course he is. By the way, I find him physically repulsive, and he’s supposedly bad in bed as well, but don’t you think he looks like a hotter version of Mark Zuckerburg? It’s like they could be brothers, only their mom got poor prenatal nutrition when pregnant with Mark or something.


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2. I’ve already said that I agree that this “infraction” is pretty much a non-issue. (USC is reporting looking into whether they can prosecute the pair for illegally trespassing on a rooftop.) Scandal is fun, and this provides a bit of entertainment value – that’s it. Tucker Max is right when he says that two people made a decision and will now live with the consequences, both positive and negative. (Not sure what the positive consequences are, but whatever.)

3. Tucker Max is just stupid to claim that college is about “learning what you should be doing by doing things you shouldn’t be doing.” Maybe that was true for him, but he shows no signs of having actually received an education.

4. Lisa Bloom is correct in her assessment of hookup culture, and its effect on women. Some college women hook up enthusiastically, many more reluctantly, but many do it to get a relationship. It’s not a particularly good strategy, but most women don’t see an alternative. Which is not to say that there is no alternative.

5. Lisa Bloom’s best point was about exposure like this destroying reputations. Honestly, you are insane if you allow yourself to be caught on film in any even remotely compromising situation. While I’m at it, I’ll warn the young women never to allow your head and your private parts to be in the same frame. Better yet, never let your face be photographed in a sexy situation. Sexting is big, and people have Skype sex in LDRs, but keep your face out of it. He loves you now, but…..

6. Most interesting quote, Tucker Max:

“I don’t understand, I don’t think there’s any problem. If you want to have a boyfriend, there’s a very simple way to do that. Only date guys. Don’t hang out with guys who only want to hook up. They’re easy to avoid, they’re easy to spot.”

He’s right of course, but this is pretty rich coming from him. Who knows how many douchebags his writings have spawned? He’s pumping his alpha arms in the air, recommending that women avoid guys like him, and it’s BS. I do think women should avoid guys like him, and many will. He’s been reported for harassing undergrads during speaking tours repeatedly.

But he either doesn’t get it or is 100% disingenuous about today’s SMP, where only a few guys – douchebags, frat stars, athletes et al can lure a naked woman onto a rooftop for public sex. The rest of the guys are at a huge disadvantage in attracting women. It’s facile for Tucker Max to generously recommend dating the guys he’d never dream of hanging out with himself.

7. The host’s wondering whether this perpetrates treating women as objects is ridiculous. This woman made herself a sex object. So did the guy, and if their names hit the media, they’ll both pay.

8. Tucker Max is right when he scoffs at the notion of BLAMING THE INTERNET. That’s just embarrassing. He’s also right when he says you can’t have it both ways:

“On one hand you’re saying, “What happened to personal accountability, and on the other hand you’re saying “[Girls] can’t help it, they’re forced into this situation.” You’ve gotta pick a side of the road.”"

Bottom line: Advantage Tucker Max.

He sucks, but he’s right. If you don’t want to be pumped and dumped 12 stories up, don’t get with that guy. There are many, many guys who wouldn’t dream of such a stunt. Pick one of them instead.