Are Supercars a Good Investment? by Aiden Brooks

Supercars can cost millions of pounds, they’re incredibly powerful and a lot of fun to drive. If you have this kind of money to spend on a supercar, it’s likely that you’re very successful or extremely lucky. With any large purchase, it’s a sensible idea to find out if you’re making a good investment and can sell the item in the future to make a profit. Or how much you’re likely to lose on your purchase. After all, combining passion with financial gain is always a great idea. In this article, we take a look at whether supercars are a good investment and how well they hold their value.

Choice of car

Choosing the right supercar that’s going to increase in value is tricky, but there are some ways to mitigate your risk. If you’re buying a popular supercar that has been produced in high volumes for several years, the value is more likely to decrease rather than increase. The key to investing in a supercar that’s going to increase in value is to opt for a limited production car or a special edition. When supply is limited, over the years, the demand will increase, and the price will increase, so your supercar is likely to go up in value if there are limited numbers. Only the most prestigious car manufacturers limit their high-end luxurious car models, so for a car to be a good investment, you may need to pay a very high price tag.

When to sell - immediately after build

Choosing when to sell your supercar in order to make the most money on your investment is crucial. One option is to sell your car soon after it has been built and delivered. For this method to work, you need to get in early when pre-production sales are being taken. Once you secure a build slot, you’re all set; simply wait until your car has been built and delivered. As build slots are limited, many people miss out and can’t get their hands on the sports car they were hoping to buy. These buyers could be happy to pay up to double the original amount you paid for the build slot, making this a great way to invest your money. 

When to sell - wait for the car to appreciate in value

If you don’t secure a build slot or you want some time to enjoy your supercar before selling it, you can wait longer for the car to appreciate in value. Not all supercars appreciate in value; in fact, many depreciate in their first five years. Sports car sales experts advise the following ways to keep your supercar from depreciating as quickly. Keep it inside a garage or covered up at the very minimum; this will help to protect the car from bad weather. Wash and clean the interior and exterior of your car regularly. Follow the recommended maintenance on your vehicle and always go to the manufacturer to get it serviced and repaired. Keep your mileage as low as possible; people will seek out and pay much more for cars with low mileage in good condition. You should also keep an eye on the market to see how the value of your car is changing over time. 

Is a supercar a risky investment?

Yes, buying a sportscar is a risky investment if you’re only concerned about making money. Supercars are flashy, exhilarating luxuries that many people spend their lives dreaming about owning. To make money, you need to do a lot of research and have in-depth knowledge of the market to find out which supercars have limited numbers and special features, then hope they go up in value. Supercars that have appeared in films or are considered part of history can dramatically increase in value, but to get one before this happens is often more about luck than planning. Most people that buy high-end sports cars or supercars are aware that they’re likely to lose some money over the car’s life, like most other vehicles. To minimise this, keep the car in good condition, but enjoy the performance and thrill of owning the car whilst you have it because that’s what it’s all about.